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I started 'Imaginerick' in the summer of 2000 with one goal in mind and that was to continue to keep the legacy of 'practical effects' usage, within the movie industry. Growing up, I loved 80's horror and sci-fi films and I connected with those movies on a deeper level.  Inspired by the works of Rick Baker, Steve Johnson and Rob Bottin I was unknowingly set on the path of becoming a make up artist. However, I did not come into this industry by pure vision, like most, I started with the foundation and dreams of making a lucrative career as an artist.

Illustration was the forefront of what my early artist development was based around, from the age of five years old, all the way to the age of twenty, I was passionate about this medium. However, all that would change once I would begin to study at  Pasadena Art Center, where one of my professors would make mention of a famous sculptor, Bernini. Bernini's work compelled me in the same way that the films that I grew up watching did and it was through that inspiration that I would come to find my calling. I began to do research and began to see that the parallels between sculpting and the creatures that I would illustrate. Practical effects combined with my love for monsters, films and sculpting would all come full circle through this discovery.

Within the span of 15 years of working professionally in the industry and 29 years of artistic knowledge has all led to me being  very fortunate enough have worked on big titles such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Hunger Games, Star Trek Beyond, Spiderman and many more. 

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